The philosophy of CATCH, Inc.’s Community Integrated Recovery Centers (CIRC) is to create an environment that empowers people in recovery to redefine themselves and succeed in attaining personal goals and dreams. The CIRC Programs believe that the concept of “recovery” is not only an application and philosophical entity but is a necessary evolutionary part of our organization’s growth as well as the growth of the behavioral health system as a whole.

The CATCH CIRC Programs provide the structure and support necessary for each person to achieve his or her own personal goals. We believe that each individual should have the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential, and that it is our responsibility to ensure that everything is done to assist them in this process. Our philosophy is to assist individuals in making personal choices regarding their goals and aspirations in life, with the ultimate goal of attaining independence, autonomy and self-esteem.

Our service consists of highly trained professionals, skilled therapists and counselors, and most importantly, emphasizes the inclusion of Peer Support Specialists as an integral aspect of the support we provide. Education, employment training and linkages, health and wellness information and resources, and crisis intervention services are all highly integrated into our services. Of particular importance is our commitment to establishing meaningful and productive linkages to community organizations and supports for members, as well as a strong emphasis on family involvement and/or re-unification, as chosen by the individual member. The CATCH Community Integrated Recovery Centers (CIRC) programs will honor mutuality with Persons In Recovery (PIR), highlight cultural competency, and ensure that dignity and respect for the rights of every individual are always part of the daily operating philosophy. The CIRC Programs are also committed to establishing a minimum number of positions within the organization specifically for recovering persons.

The ultimate goal of all of CATCH’s CIRC Program services is to foster a renewed sense of hope within the person in recovery. To cultivate and nurture a belief that each member is a valued and necessary part of society, and like all citizens, is entitled and fully capable of attaining personal dreams and aspirations.

CATCH, Inc. has three specific sites that are designated as Community Integrated Recovery Centers (CIRC): Penrose Community Integrated Recovery Center, Carlisle Community Integrated Recovery Center and a specialized CIRC program for the elderly known as the Packer Community Integrated Recovery Center.

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