CATCH, Inc.’s School Therapeutic Services strives to provide age appropriate behavioral health interventions to reduce the barriers to learning due to the child’s mental health diagnosis. Services and interventions occur within the context of the regular school day to ensure academics remain the primary focus and reduce the stigma associated with having an individual Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) with the child throughout the school day. School Therapeutic treatment services include individual and group therapies as well as offer individual interventions and behavioral consultations as needed during the school day. Treatment will be specific to the strengths and needs of the child while also building resources to develop resiliency. The School Therapeutic Services Behavioral Health Worker (BHW) will have the ability to work with multiple children within the school with support from a Master’s level Lead Clinician and Group Therapist. The School Therapeutic Master’s level Lead Clinician, as well as the Group Therapist, provides more specialized therapies such as social skills, anger management, problem solving, conflict resolution and other treatment services, which are delivered at least once a week.

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