Adult Blended Case Manager
Full Time Position

Provide an array of extensive case management services to approximately 24-29 adults who have met the criteria for Blended Case Management services. The services provided will include, but shall not be limited to:

1. Assure all consumers on the assigned caseload receive a functional assessment to identify skill deficits and strengths to establish treatment goals.

2. Develop and implement a written service plan for each consumer assigned to the caseload.

3. Identify and connect the consumers to appropriate clinical and community resources necessary to meet the needs identified in their functional assessments.

4. Update and maintain all case management records;

5. Provide services that diffuse or resolve crises in order to prevent unnecessary use of emergency rooms, in-patient services and mental health court.

6. Provide 24-hour response to consumers in crisis, including wearing a beeper or cell phone.

7. Participate in interagency team meetings.

8. Connect the consumer to behavioral health and social service agencies to assure there are no gaps in service.

9. Make home, hospital and community based visits at a minimum of every 14 days (or more often as determined by the consumer’s level of care).

10. Other responsibilities as designated by supervisor.


•Bachelor’s Degree in any of the social sciences and two (2) years experience in public or private human services with one year of direct client contact required.

•Working knowledge of Crisis Intervention, the Philadelphia Behavioral Health and Prison Systems, Community Resources (i.e. Department of Public Welfare, Educational Law, Office of Social Security and Disabilities and Mental Health Advocacy Programs) required.

•Bilingual (Spanish/English) highly preferred.

Must be physically able to:

a)Climb stairs; b) Sit for prolonged periods of time; c) Carry heavy documents; d) Bend and kneel; e) Valid driver’s license and access to a car and/or must be able to use public transportation; f) Assist with restraining clients in emergency situations.

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