Adult Day Training Program Specialist
Full Time Position

1. Revises the daily schedule for appropriate staffing and manages accurate records. Provides staffing coverage as needed. Develops daily activity schedule for consumers.

2. Completes Program Specialist duties for a caseload of no more than 30 consumers.

3. Participates in the development of the ISP and attends the ISP meetings. Implements the ISP as written and stays current with updates and revisions. Makes recommendations to the ISP as needed.

4. Supervises, monitors and evaluates services provided to the individual. Coordinates the services provided to an individual.

5. Manages and coordinates the training of direct service workers in the content of health and safety needs relevant to each individual.

6. Maintains communication with families, supports coordinators, residential providers, behavior specialists and other team members.

7. Tracks consumers’ physicals / sends letters to families and physicians regarding physicals that are due, overdue or incomplete.

8. Checks HCSIS daily for changes and/or updates to consumers’ ISP.

Minimum Requirements: Master’s Degree in psychology or related healthcare field and one (1) year experience working directly with persons with Intellectual Disabilities in a licensed setting; or Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related healthcare field and two (2) years experience working directly with persons with Intellectual Disabilities in a licensed setting. Fluency in Spanish is a plus. Valid Driver’s License is a plus.

Must be physically able to: A) Assist client with personal hygiene; B) Assist with lifting client; C) Sit, stand, walk, bend, kneel and climb; D) Restrain clients in emergency situations.

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