CIE services are provided in a combination of classroom setting and in the community. The services are provided to a worker with ID by integrating him/her with non-disabled workers in a truly integrated environment.

CIE services are valued as they are the best opportunity for consumers to become integrated into a normal everyday life. CATCH developed an environmental work crew to help consumers and families gradually transition to and accept the concept of a real job. Some consumers earn a stipend by providing janitorial and cleaning services to businesses in the local community. This experience is designed to assist families to recognize the potential of a real job for family members with ID.

CATCH has assisted persons with ID to obtain jobs in movie theaters, banks, supermarkets, children’s day care centers and retail stores. After assisting people to obtain jobs, CATCH provides retention services that include a monthly follow up phone call and/or visit. If needed, staff assists with mediation, conflict resolution and retraining. CATCH currently provides retention services for people who are approaching their one year anniversary on the job to someone who has been employed for 22 years.

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