Brief outline of position:

  1. Continually monitor and ensure compliance with State Office of Developmental Programs, Chapter 2380-Day Program/CPS Licensing Regulations, Provider Qualification and Quality Assessment and Improvement process (QA & I), Chapter 11.Older Adult Daily Living Centers, and 6100 regulations.
  2. Complete and submit, in an accurate and timely manner, application for 2380 Licensing Audit, Civil Rights Compliance Documentation, Quality Management Plan and Provider Qualification/Re-Qualification.
  3. Negotiate in concert with other services directors – the appropriate number/level of service units in consumers’ budgets in order to realize ISP outcomes and programmatic financial feasibility.
  4. Up-date, modify and /or develop new policies according to regulatory requirements.
  5. Ensure consumers’ eligibility for service and waiver compliance in tandem with fiscal billing department by resolving conflicts with State Office of Developmental Programs, Philadelphia Office of Intellectual DisAbilities, and support coordination entities.
  6. Ensure healthy and safe training environment for consumers, staff, families, visitors, etc.
  7. Participate in all Incident Management/Risk Management Functions/Become a Certified Investigator.
  8. Oversee and ensure accurate consumer evaluations, effective training and timely record keeping.
  9. Participate/advocate with Services Directors (Day Program and Employment Services) for consumer focused outcomes with: Pennsylvania ODP, local administrative entities, and local funding or regulatory entities.
  10. Assist in demonstrating compliance with state and local entities such as provider qualification, HCSIS/EIM Reporting, QA & I annual self-assessment and onsite monitoring, Annual State License, etc.
  11. Ensure orientation and training of new staff, long term temporary staff, to CATCH’s Policy/Procedures, State Regulations, and Administrative Entities Protocols.
  12. Assist Services Directors in developing, creating, modifying programs and services in support of state and local new initiatives, when appropriate.
  13. Attend and participate in meetings with Philadelphia Coalition, OVR, Mayor’s Commission, Philadelphia Office of Intellectual Disabilities, etc.
  14. Participate in screening/interviewing of staff applicants and make recommendations to Chief Executive Officer and Human Resources Director.
  15. Oversee consumer admissions evaluation and/or discharge planning with Services Directors to ensure appropriate services, effective transition and placement plans.
  16. Complete yearly 24 hours training as required by 2380 and 6100 regulations and QA & I, included but not limited, Certified Investigator Training (4 days)
  17. Assist/support ADT/CPS Director, Program Specialist and/or direct care staff when emergency coverage is needed (i.e., extended absence or leave of a program specialist and or Program Director, unexpected shortage of direct care staff, etc.).
  18. Fiscal and budget responsibilities for the division.
  19. Assume other responsibilities as assigned by CATCH’s CEO.


Master’s Degree in a clinical discipline or related Human Services field and 5 years of experience with persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Bachelor of Science of Degree in aforementioned disciplines with 8 years of combined supervisory and ID experience. Preferred experience to be with Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Program’s, Policies Procedures and Regulations.

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