1. Supervise participants in fitness activities at the Fitness Center
  2. Maintain fitness records for all participants
  3. Ascertain medical/physical eligibility of individuals participating in fitness activities at the Fitness Center
  4. Ensure that the facilities are clean and any equipment is properly maintained
  5. Assure all participant abide by Fitness Center rules and regulations
  6. All other duties as assigned by Fitness Coordinator.


  • Turn on all equipment (i.e. bikes, treadmill, etc.)
  • Clean any areas that need to be cleaned (i.e. equipment, floor, and mirrors.)
  • Replenish bathroom/locker room supplies. Replenish towels
  • Make sure all clients and employees sign in; pull out workout charts for all client and employees.
  • For first time visitors fill out evaluation form, workout chart, and verify a doctor has evaluated any health issues before beginning workout program.
  • Input bio information into computer.
  • Ensure all visitors have proper workout attire – sneakers or rubber soled shoes.
  • Chart all exercises and weights done by client/employee.
  • Monitor activities to ensure all exercises are being performed with proper form to ensure safety.
  • Closing activities include: clean all equipment, turn off equipment, file paperwork daily, lock desk and file cabinet, turn off lights, and lock fitness center doors.
  • Report all incidents to Fitness Coordinator.


Fitness certification is desired.  Experience working with all levels of individuals, seniors, etc. CPR and First Aid experience.

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