Full Time 

Brief outline of position:

  1. Coordinates training related activities with job seeking skills, mock interviews, job interviews, job application completion, etc.
  2. Administers vocational interest inventory, time studies, vocational evaluations, tasks analysis, etc.
  3. Weekend and/or evening hours are required dependent upon individual work schedule.
  4. Assess individuals’ wants and needs.
  5. Devise, plan and implement job coaching strategies.
  6. Provides supportive on-the-job training to workers with ID/MH disabilities.
  7. Works as part of CATCH Supportive Employment team to market employment program to employers in the Philadelphia area.
  8. Identify employment positions and place ID/MH individuals into competitive employment in the Philadelphia Business community.
  9. Notice individuals’ strengths and instruct them how to make the best out of their strengths.
  10. Discover individuals’ motivation and help develop their skills.
  11. Counsel individuals on fine-tuning work habits/skills in preparation for competitive employment.
  12. Assist other employees with disabilities, coworkers, supervisor, etc.
  13. Keep track, oversee and document individuals’ progress.
  14. Update employee records.
  15. Create and present reports for management weekly.
  16. Other CIE (community integrated employment) duties as determined by IDD Director.


Bachelor’s Degree in related areas with minimum of two years prior ID experience. Work related experience with young adults, individuals with ID/MH disabilities, knowledge of the ID service system, and prior Job Development or Job Coach experience is beneficial. If not ACRE certified, certification needs to be completed within first year of employment.

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