Brief outline of position:

  1. Supervise clinical staff treating children and adults. Supervise Behavioral Health Techs
  2. Review and assign all cases.
  3. Provide direct clinical services at least 50% of the time.
  4. Review/approve all admissions/discharges of cases.
  5. Monitor outstanding billing issues
  6. Monitor and ensure Assignment of cases for Psychiatric and Psychological evaluation.
  7. Assess new referrals.
  8. Monitor the scheduling of evaluations and interagency meetings.
  9. Collaborate with other departments regarding CATCH clients that are shared with outpatient services.
  10. Ensure that the authorization packets are complete and submitted within the time frame outlined by CBH.
  11. Communicate with CBH regarding authorization of services.
  12. Interview, assign and supervise staff provided by various staffing agencies and coordinate the need for supervision of MT and BSC staff with the licensed psychologists of the department.
  13. Collaborate with school district personnel when needed.
  14. Provide Quality Assurance by auditing charts, reviewing paperwork /billing, calling parents and schools to inquire about satisfaction with services.
  15. Assess and manage problems and crisis situations.
  16. Determine proper modality of treatment and provide appropriate therapy for each assigned consumer in accordance with his/her treatment plan.
  17. Maintain the documentation in record/chart of consumers in assigned caseload that is necessary to meet CBH and State Regulatory Standards.  This includes, but is not limited to, regular review and update of treatment plans and daily progress notes that are consistent with treatment goals.
  18. Submit all documentation pertaining to the billing for treatment services in a timely fashion, and coordinate efforts with front desk staff to assure that correct and updated information regarding insurance coverage is available.
  19. Provide Crisis intervention services.  Duties include: conducting emergency assessments, determining proper disposition and arranging for needed emergency intervention for cases that are active on assigned caseload.
  20. Complete Assessments and give preliminary diagnosis for new intakes as well as complete the necessary paperwork to open a chart.
  21. Inform CATCH management of their availability, on an ongoing basis, to provide services to consumers.
  22. Cooperate with CATCH management’s efforts to maximize their billable time during their hours of availability.
  23. Respond timely to “Alerts” generated by the EHRS.
  24. Correct reasons on a timely basis for “failed activities” and/or “failed claims” as applicable and reported by the EHRS.
  25. Complete discharge/transfer summary documentation on a timely basis.
  26. Other duties as assigned by the Director.


Minimum Requirements:

Master’s Degree (Licensed Preferred) in the Mental Health field required with three (3) years of clinical experience.  Two (2) years of clinical supervisory experience preferred.  Knowledge of Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services/ Intensive Behavioral Health Services (BHRS/IBHS), community agencies and resources.


Must be physically able to: a) climb stairs; b) take public transportation; c) assist with restraining clients in emergency situations.


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