Brief outline of position:

  1. Assists Coordinators in the day to day operation of the Targeted Case Management Unit.
  2. Prepare for teaming and inter-agency meetings.
  3. Type clinical evaluations (employee performance appraisals), memos, letters, reports, draft forms and correspondence.
  4. Prepare, distribute and process staff leave time, and other personnel matters.
  5. Supervision of client charts, registrations, closures, transfers and processing forms accordingly.
  6. Supervising for Concurrent Review process and distributing final forms to the proper offices.
  7. Supervising and overseeing the preparation of weekly/monthly reports, EVS, census, active case load (ECM & BCM), staff schedules and on-call schedule.
  8. Filing, copying, mail distribution, faxing, maintaining unit supplies.
  9. Keeping track of token/voucher quantity on hand, petty cash, transpasses.
  10. Keeping track of Authorization (for billing purposes), making sure service documents are all accounted for, batched and submitted to MIS.
  11. Processing daily comp time, leave requests, vacation and changes for personnel staff.
  12. Greeting clients in a proper and courteous manner, taking care of client concerns as appropriate.
  13. Handling of all travel reimbursements; processing and distributing of checks.
  14. Overseeing all charts for proper filing and handling and sending to medical records.
  15. Overall supervision for Administrative Assistant (making sure all duties are carried out properly).
  16. Other duties as assigned by Program Coordinators.


High School Diploma or GED, with experience in a similar administrative capacity. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel required. Must have physical ability to: a) climb stairs; b) sit for prolonged periods of time; c) Carry heavy documents; d) Kneel and bend.

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