CATCH, Inc. was recently awarded a 2018 Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) Grant. The PHARE Award is a monetary grant given to eligible providers who have honorable goals of assisting in the creation, rehabilitation, and support of affordable housing. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) is awarding the agency $100,000 to help supplement existing subsidies provided by the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Residents of Catharine House are living with chronic mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Under the tutelage of Catharine House’s compassionate staff, residents learn basic living skills like cooking, budgeting, and housekeeping. They also receive help with personal grooming and socialization. These skills help residents overcome the various obstacles that they face on the path to a self-sufficient lifestyle.

CATCH, Inc. believes that providing quality care in a residential setting goes well beyond the interactions between staff and consumer. The environments in which consumers reside are as important as the services provided to them. CATCH, Inc. remains undaunted in their search to find the financial means needed to provide the highest level of care and to provide a calm and comfortable environment in which residents can feel safe and secure while working on their recovery.