Since we last updated you on the CATCH Transportation Department, CATCH’s Transportation Manager, John Mastrobuoni, has been working to expand the department’s role in moving people forward in the community. In addition to their work with Merakey Children’s Program, CATCH has acquired three additional contracts to transport children in need to local therapeutic nursery programs. These programs include Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Lauren’s House, and Hall Mercer. To accommodate this expansion, Mr. Mastrobuoni has leased nine new vehicles. This brings his total fleet of CATCH Vans to 44.

In May of 2018 CATCH Transportation was asked by the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) to collaborate on a city initiative to resolve the city’s major encampment crisis. In this pilot program, CATCH transported members of the encampments to PENNDOT in order to obtain identification cards. Identification cards are critical in order for members to be eligible for treatment. By the end of the month, CATCH’s Transportation Department was able to help 50 members of the encampments obtain identification cards.

As a result of CATCH’s work in the pilot program with DBH, the Transportation Department has been asked to take on a five-month project to help clean up other encampments in the city. The CATCH Transportation Department will serve in the same role as the pilot program.

Mr. Mastrobuoni believes that whether it’s transporting people to services or working with the city to help a community in need, the CATCH Transportation Departement is poised to go however many miles to be a difference in the community.