Two team members of the CATCH IDD Supported Employment Division are being honored with Philly Love Awards.  December Ledbetter and Shannon Noun are being recognized by Networks for Training and Development, Inc. for their perseverance and dedication to keep consumers safe and active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Networks for Training and Development, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Willow Grove, PA. The organization works with agencies throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. Networks helps organizations improve their efforts through strategic planning and team building. Their aim is to help agencies mesh into an inclusive community of businesses and neighborhoods.

This year, Networks has partnered with a sister project in Maui, HI to show their appreciation for those who selflessly give of themselves. The virtual ceremony, held on June 29th, pays tribute to the essential workers of both communities during this unprecedented time. A representative from Networks was on hand to present December and Shannon with their award. The virtual celebration includes photos of the ceremony and staff bios of the award recipients

Theresa Bynum is the Director of the IDD Program at CATCH. She says that December and Shannon never hesitated when called upon to continue their work keeping the ID community employed through the pandemic. Mrs. Bynum says it is that dedication that led her to recommend their consideration for the award.

To learn more about Networks for Training and Development, Inc, and to see a list of all the award recipients, please visit