Our Residential Program is predicated on the Recovery Model. We strive to have our consumers reach their full potential and help them reach their goals by working in both individual and group settings. We want our consumers to be able to reside in a dignified setting while continuing on their journey to recovery.

Anna's House

Anna’s House is a 16 bed unit which provides a full care boarding home for participants who are chronically mentally ill, homeless and require extensive support in meeting basic housing, medical, nutritional and psychosocial goals.

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Catharine House

Our Catharine House Residential Program is a 12 bed unit designed for participants that do not require highly intensive structure.

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Penrose Place

Consumers participate in a dynamic program which offers an array of treatment modalities, such as cognitive therapy, movement therapy, therapeutic recreation, visual arts, and community-based initiatives.

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Sandy's House

Sandy’s House is a 15 bed Unit which provides residential and rehabilitative services for participants needing a minimal level of structure but who would benefit from long term congregate support.

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Moderate Care CRR

Moderate Care CRR is an 8 bed voluntary program that provides residential services for eight (8) persons who have graduated from a maximum care living situation.

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Respite I

Respite I serves as the second stop for many participants in the continuum of care which will lead them to a more community based program.

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Intensive Community Residential Rehabilitation

This program is designed for participants who require a structured, highly supported setting.

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COVID-19 STATEMENT: We are devoted to protecting the health of our consumers and staff. We are taking extraordinary measures to keep everyone safe while visiting and working in our facilities. We require that everyone wear a mask while on-site and complete a health screening questionnaire as well as receive a temperature check at the time of entry to our facilities. Please stay home if you are not feeling well and cooperate with staff requests regarding screening and any steps needed after completion of the screening process. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.
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