Our beginning can be traced back to the early 1960s when a presidential panel presented a national plan that established a trend away from over-utilization of large institutions and toward community care.

A subsequent Act of Congress provided funds to build community facilities, and a network of community-based programs was established in the Commonwealth by the Pennsylvania Mental Health/Mental Retardation Act of 1966.

A Mission of Engagement

Initially, these programs were offered through institution-based grantees that were given responsibility for designated areas called “Catchments.” In 1979, the program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital was transferred to a community-based non-profit organization, Citizens Acting Together Can Help, Inc. The organization’s mission is to care for the vulnerable, honor the life and dignity of all, and engage the community in compassionate service and advocacy.

Rooted in Leadership

Our CEO, Raymond A. Pescatore, has helped to guide and shape CATCH, Inc. since its earliest days and is viewed by his peers as a leader in advocating for behavioral health. Through his guidance, the agency has built upon the concept of promoting recovery and self-determination. With his vision for reaching beyond the usual means of financial resources, we have been able to provide services to consumers who, otherwise, would have nowhere else to turn.

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