The Center for Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy at Beck Institute is awarding the CATCH Penrose LTSR Program with three Golden Bowtie Awards. These awards recognize teams and individuals who excel in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R).

The Beck Institute designs its evidence-based program to empower those with mental health challenges to live fulfilling lives. They equip providers with the tools to help consumers focus on their aspirations, not their limitations.

The CT-R Team trains CATCH Staff to help the LTSR Residents reach their aspirations. Gail Schlosser is the Director of the Penrose LTSR at CATCH. She points to CT-R as the reason the residents are living more fulfilling lives. Ms. Schlosser says that residents now actively take part in their recovery. They engage in activities out of their own will, instead of waiting for direction by CATCH staff

Ms. Schlosser is proud of her team’s success in getting the residents into their “Adaptive Mode” by energizing them based on their interests and aspirations. She believes the more activities they provide for the residents, the more interests they will have. And, the more interests the residents have, the better they will feel. She points to the residents cooking and caring for each other, as well as learning leadership skills during these activities, as evidence that the program works.


Three CATCH team members received 2021 awards. Kristin Giangiordano received a Golden Bowtie for her role in Strengthening client roles using CT-R. Jen Schonauer received a Golden Bowtie for her work in actualizing the Adaptive Mode. And Gail Schlosser received a Golden Bowtie for growing the CT-R network throughout Philadelphia. This is the second consecutive year these team members are being recognized for their efforts.

THE Penrose LTSR Program was also awarded the inaugural Larry Real Award. This award acknowledges the LTSR Program’s success in promoting and implementing CT-R among all its residents. The award is named after Dr. Larry Real. Dr. Real is a pioneer in the development and implementation of LTSR programs in Philadelphia. This award honors his legacy. Ms. Schlosser says this award is especially rewarding because Dr. Real visited CATCH on multiple occasions and was always very supportive of the agency’s LTSR Program.

CATCH continues to lead the way in promoting CT-R throughout the city’s residential programs. The Penrose LTSR Program collaborates with many agencies city-wide. With the support of CBH and DBH, Ms. Schlosser hopes to spread the use of CT-R throughout her own agency, as well as across the city.

To learn more about Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) and the Beck Institute, please visit The Beck Institute Website.