Contracted LPN’s and RN’s needed! (Shifts Vary)

Job Responsibilities :

1. Maintain and/or complete clients’ vital signs, medical and psychological assessments, medical and psychological symptoms, and the documentation in the nursing progress notes.

2. Ensure proper and accurate transcription of physician orders and maintain accurate documentation on the administration of all medication, including verbal physician orders and individuals on self-medication plans.

3. Inform physicians of acute or ongoing medical and/or psychiatric problems, scheduled clinic appointment times, and the results of medical assessments and testing.

4. Schedule outside medical appointments and ensure clients’ transportation.

5. Review clients’ health plans, develop and manage medical and medication goals for clients’ comprehensive treatment plans including clients who are in the self-administration medication program.

6. Develop and runs nursing groups, act as co-leader in group therapy, and participate in treatment team meetings.

7. Act as a liaison between the clients’ physicians and the staff.

8. Provide training to clients and staff in the areas of hygiene, medication side effects, first aid, nutrition, etc.

9. Complete other duties as assigned by Associate Director or designee.


Current Pennsylvania LPN or RN license, experience required. Plus, minimum 1 year work experience with adults with chronic mentally illnesses and/or drug/alcohol issues required. Prefer experience in BH residential or D&A recovery programs. Must be physically able to: A) Assist client with personal hygiene; B) Assist with lifting client; C) Sit, stand, walk, bend, kneel and climb; D) Restrain clients in emergency situations. E) Carry heavy files.

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