CATCH’s Transportation Department is committed to moving our community forward. With a fleet of over 30 well-maintained vehicles, CATCH provides “Door-To-Door” transportation throughout Philadelphia in a safe and convenient environment.


CATCH is currently transporting clients for each of the agency’s seven CIRC programs and two Intellectual DisAbility Programs. CATCH also provides transportation services for John F. Kennedy Behavioral Health Center, Jewish Educational Vocational Services (JECVS), Northeast Community Center for Behavioral Health (NECCBH), Consortium, Elwyn, and Horizon House. The agency is also in a partnership with Philadelphia’s Encampment Resolution Program.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff have over 30-plus years of experience in the behavioral health field. Each member of the CATCH Transportation Department is Handle With Care certified. Every driver and aide are fully credentialed and trained to handle all of the clients’ needs.

CATCH recently implemented the scheduling application, Booking Portal powered by Routing Box. This technology allows CATCH’s programs to schedule and track their clients’ transportation to the facilities. It also gives them the ability to follow the CATCH fleet and receive real-time ETA updates. Additionally, the driver can be informed of any special needs or instructions through the portal.

The CATCH Transportation Department is located at 2401 Penrose Avenue. This site, at the base of the Platt Bridge, allows the fleet to conveniently reach any destination in Philadelphia. The office opens at 5:30 am every Monday through Friday. The office remains open daily until the last route is completed. For more information about the CATCH Transportation Department, please call 215-462-6510 or send an email to

The Transportation Department continues to expand its community reach through a DBH partnership. This relationship dates back to 2018. That spring, the transportation department collaborated with DBH on the Encampment Cleanup Project. CATCH provided encampment members transportation to DMV locations to obtain Identification Cards. ID Cards are necessary to gain access to services provided throughout the city. CATCH and DBH teamed up again over that winter. The initiative was transporting encampment members to city shelters during the coldest months. The transportation department was awarded a Commendation in June for their work. CATCH and DBH collaborated throughout that summer. This time, offering transportation and respite from the extreme summer heat.

In September, CATCH joined DBH in the attempted shutdown of the “Parkway Encampment”. CATCH will continue to serve the homeless population through the rest of 2020. They will be on call from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm daily to transport homeless individuals to shelters and services.  A nightly service is being operated in conjunction with The Hub of Hope.