Our CPS Program provides individuals an opportunity to embrace their uniqueness and gain independence in all areas of life within the community. We provide our members with a broad range of integrated activities that focus on their distinctive interests, preferences, and strengths.

CATCH participants spend time in the community exploring the cultural richness of the city as well as experiencing Philadelphia’s many recreational locations. Participants also connect with nature while visiting the area’s many botanical oases.

Participation in the CPS program focuses on supporting a participant to choose what they most enjoy. We encourage participants to try new activities such as community employment or volunteer opportunities. We focus on developing or enhancing job skills to prepare for employment. These skills increase independence and offer new challenges that often lead to new talents and increases the potential for employment.


Program Summary:

  • Age Group – 18 and older
  • Who can refer – The referral and authorization process is facilitated by the applicant’s Support Coordinator.
  • Eligibility – Any individual who has been diagnosed with an IQ of 70 or below and is considered to have an Intellectual disAbility. The individual must be  registered with their local county office’s Intellectual disAbility Services (Link to a resource page with contact information)
  • Length of Treatment – Most individuals are lifelong members
  • Location – 1421 Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19145
  • For more information, call 215-755-9804