Sandy’s House is a 15 bed Unit which provides residential and rehabilitative services for participants needing a minimal level of structure but who would benefit from long term congregate support.

The participants require support in meeting basic housing, medical, nutritional and behavioral needs. Our primary focus is to ensure a safe, humane, comfortable and supportive setting with the purpose of preventing unnecessary institutionalization and integrating these individuals back into the community.

Program Summary:

  • Age Group – 18 and over.
  • Who can refer – All of our referrals are through the Transitions, Integration and Partnerships (TIP) program of the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health.
  • Eligibility – Residents seeking Housing who have a chronic mental health DSM-V Diagnosis and are in need of Housing. Typically, older residents have concurrent medical issues.
  • Length of Treatment – Minimum of two years but, on average, three years
  • Location – 521 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148
  • For More Information, call 215-755-0068