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The CATCH Fitness Center teaches members to use exercise as a tool to help boost their body, mind, and spirit.

Regular exercise relieves stress, improves memory, and leads to better sleep patterns. Modest amounts of exercise can have a positive impact on an individual’s mental health. Exercise promotes neural growth in the brain, promoting feelings of calm, and well-being. Exercise releases endorphins that energize your spirits and make you feel good.

The CATCH Fitness Center has recorded over ten thousand workouts since it opened in 1996. The fitness specialists design individualized programs that cater to consumers with special needs. The specialists guide consumers along the path to their health and wellness goals. All CATCH fitness specialists are ACE (The American Council on Exercise) certified. They also have certifications in CPR and First Aid.

The CATCH Fitness Center provides state-of-the-art equipment. A recent expansion of the fitness center has allowed for six new cardio machines. The extra space also allows for more high impact exercise options. From weight training to aerobic exercise, the fitness center offers something for every member.

The Fitness Center also offers a comprehensive Smoking Cessation Program. Many individuals who suffer from major mental health disorders also battle addiction. Smoking Cessation classes help consumers explore how tobacco addiction impacts their lives. The qualified staff develops individualized programs for each consumer. Each participant will have a sponsor and will receive education aids. The Smoking Cessation program curtails the consumer’s dependency on tobacco products.