Raymond A. Pescatore is a pioneer in the development of services for the behavioral healthcare community.

As President and CEO of CATCH, Inc., an organization that he helped launch in 1980, Mr. Pescatore’s vision and subsequent outreach and delivery systems have become a prototype for community mental health and intellectual disability centers across the state.

Drawing from extensive civic experience and relationships with local community gatekeepers, Mr. Pescatore set out to construct the organization that today proudly provides services to over 100,000 Philadelphia citizens. Today, Mr. Pescatore continues to expand CATCH services and outreach throughout the city.

Mr. Pescatore has served on the boards of a host of advocacy agencies and associations, including Jefferson Health, North Philadelphia Health System, the Mayor’s Advisory Board of Mental Health/Intellectual disAbilities for the City of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Coalition of Community Mental Health Agencies, the Governor’s Committees for the PA Departments of Health, Public Welfare and the Aging, Casa Farnese, Christopher Columbus Charter School and Cascia Center.

Mr. Pescatore has a M.S. degree in Educational Administration from Temple University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from LaSalle University.